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SAYRA Annual General Meeting 2017

posted Dec 6, 2016, 8:24 AM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB   [ updated Feb 21, 2017, 7:40 AM ]
SAYRA Meeting
South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association
Held Friday January 27 - Sunday January 29, 2017
Hilton Head Island SC

see Dan's report on Club Building

US sailing workshop Daniel Fodera 2/06/2017

Discussion about introducing people to sailing with the program where people get a first experience in a sailboat. Some of the guiding strategies are: keep it simple, have the right person, the right boat (dry keelboat), the right day, and "you're just going for a ride." Somebody signs up and gets a package to get the basics.

One of the key things to remember is to have a clear second step, a class schedule or something else that people can follow up to do.

It's only a 2 hours sail. You want a good sailor; someone who's good with people and someone who isn't going to be drunk.

Other ways they talked about to get exposure was taking a small sailboat to schools, conferences, parades and showing people. Have a plan and a process.

Some other strategies for success in the discussion about how to attract new sailors. Have a lessons planned and scheduled. Have a racing series. Have an open house. Talk about sailing wherever you go. Have a "take a friend to sailing day." Have a trophy for crew variation to encourage skippers to bring new people. Offer a family cruise and lunch at silent auction fundraisers. Include something about the club in welcome packages for the communities. Talk about adventure sailing. Establish a 501c3 for non sailor support. Bring a boat to a tailgate party. For the youth program get the parents on a cruise while the children are sailing. Promote sailing to other types of clubs such as skiing, biking, or triathlon clubs. Removed "club" from sailing promotions. Then, when you get all these newcomers - Be sure that your membership committee is protecting your club; have a consistent interview question

Understand and communicate the value proposition of a club. What is the value for 22 year old who has never sailed to join the club? They want to be a part of the community; people want to be involved. You have to demonstrate that value. An idea is to get the aging members to bring someone sailing. One club sponsored a "sail with Grandpa" type event. Millenials have many choices for activities.

Regarding social media - establish tags and use them for all events.

Some clubs have increased junior membership age to 30 years old. One club has bought a fleet of MC scows and Flying Scots. Lighting is the area D three-person boat for competition. Sailing may not be a scholarship sport but being a competitive sailor looks good. Hve your junior sailors group as a crew pool.

US Sailing leadership forum February 1st thru 3rd 2018 in St Petersburg. The web address is

Nick Hayes the author of Saving Sailing was the keynote speaker. Several take away his from his presentation include: avid sailors sail for 120 hours a year. Think about the Continuum of activity for example from owning a sunfish to not having a membership to crewing on someone's boat to sailing on their own to buying a new 35 foot boat. Also think about the mean age of new members. Look at age mixing, family group sailing, adult women. Women may look at it as something to do with the kids as a family activity.

Actions for consideration:

Fill the women's program chair____

Develop a policy on social media - standardized tags and hashtags

Get a keelboat for use in the first sail program

Developed intergenerational basic training

Develop outcome statements on how the club can you become more compatible with twenty-

first-century social trends (for example how to look cool look at me include activities in other

athletic or sports a groups such as the 5K, the shoreline 5K, triathletes, the yoga session)

Try doing a yoga class before racing

Maybe a two-hour sailing session with shared boats

Club shared boats.

Get the right person in the club to run the social media campaign

Focus on the immediate gratification of the sport, flexible scheduling will win the day

Updating website - hashtags

Develop programs to suit other than Saturday - look for summer and teens class weekday during

the day

Post videos not pictures ( be careful posting pictures of kids without permission)

Develop an organisational policy of media remind parents that pics pictures will be taken

Target the adult woman demographic (sometimes kids but often 40 year old women)

Club webcam

Using drones and developing education videos

Find mentors to take people out

Gear lessons towards women's learning patterns (have them bring a friend make it value-


Send Club emails to the wives not just their husbands address

Dec 6, 2016, 8:24 AM
Dec 6, 2016, 8:24 AM
Dec 6, 2016, 8:24 AM