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Next Full Moon Cruise May 21st.

posted Mar 2, 2016, 7:04 AM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB   [ updated May 2, 2016, 5:54 PM ]
April 30 Full Moon Cruse Report.    
The Full Moon Cruisers were at it again on Saturday, April 30th.  There were 2 monohulls and a trimaran that rafted up in a cove just west of Savannah River Red Buoy 19.  The moon came up right on cue, music trivia was played and the cocktail flag was flying.  We even had a fishing boat join us for a bit and then decide to stay overnight.  We may of set a record in that we had 4 dogs stay with the group.  It was a quiet group of canines for sure and they were fun to watch as they were ferried to shore a couple of times for 'potty breaks".  On Sunday morning 2 bottles of champagne and a gallon of orange juice made sure that everyone had their fill of Mimosas. It seems as though no matter who shows up for the raft up that there is always ample food and appetizers to share, adult beverages to enjoy, a plethora of music and the sunsets and moonrises are almost always spectacular. 
        Our next Full Moon cruise will be Saturday, May 21st, anchorage to be determined by the cruisers and the wind!  For those of you who haven't rafted up in a long time, it may be just the weekend to come out and rejoin the group.  For those who haven't tried it at all yet, we welcome everyone!  Stories are always told and songs are always sung and have we mentioned the adult beverages yet?  We welcome those with cruising experience as well as those who are just starting out --- heck if you just want to come and play until it gets dark we have room for you too!
Fairwinds to all! 
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