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Cruising Community at ASC

posted Jun 18, 2012, 3:51 PM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB   [ updated Mar 23, 2016, 10:00 AM ]

Cruiser’s Corner

The cruising community at ASC is truly that; and we have experienced the generosity of its members and provided assistance to others on more than one occasion. That’s why Tony and I decided to buy an older boat for our first coastal cruiser, and to work the kinks out here at the lake where we have such a large support group. We didn’t plan to need them so quickly, however! After a lovely post-family day night anchored off ASC’s beach we began to motor back to Tradewinds, when suddenly the shift cable broke, leaving us in forward gear on a monstrous boat we hardly know and have only docked twice.

We circled the open safe area while trying to figure out our next move, and within minutes the Buckleys came alongside offering help and support. Shortly thereafter, the Pooles, Hatchers and friends came to our aid. Some came aboard to help dock; others ran to Tradewinds to stand by on the dock. By this time we had figured out how to shift the transmission manually at the engine, and hoped we would not crash through the dock. With the help of the ASC Cruiser’s Community, she came in so gently that no one at Tradewinds was the wiser!

This experience made me think of all the people at the club with larger sailboats who have expressed an interest in cruising, but have a broken this. . . or are unsure of that. . . . Whatever your issue, share with the group! There’s surely one of us who have been there before, and know how to fix it. We’re always ready to help. And if it’s just insecurity, cast off those bowlines. You’re not alone out there -- We’ve got your back!

Thunder Over Thurmond is July 7, and is advertised to be an all-day affair with an airshow before the fireworks. Won’t you come raft up with us? And if you’re worried about something, give a shout and lets get it fixed so you don’t miss the fun.

See you up the lake,

Brenda Coy