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Cruisers Corner June 2019

posted Jun 13, 2019, 8:09 AM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB   [ updated Jun 13, 2019, 8:17 AM ]

Cruisers Corner   June 2019


OK all so apparently I am really bad at this as I have failed to consistently provide a monthly account of the Cruiser’s activities.  In my defense I will say that I have asked for members to pass along interesting travels, lake outings or other interesting sailing or not sailing activities for me to include but to date I haven’t received any.  So Im sorry but you will all have to just put up with the scrambles thoughts that run through my crazy brain.  Consider yourselves fair warned. ;)


Cruisers University (CU) was a rousing success.  Thanks to all who planned and presented (Tony Coy, Brenda Rednic, Johnny and Mickey Pool, Greg and Rhonda Hatcher and Jay and Rene Hopkins) and the 14 or so who attended the land and water program.  There was a raft up held that night with 7 boats spending the night and a few others who joined us for a few hours as well.  It was a great kick start to the summer raft up season.


Memorial day weekend found several of our cruisers venturing up to Plumb Branch for music, good food and fun despite the high temperatures.  They returned to the club on Monday for spur of the moment pot luck instigated by our very own Marje B. It was fairly well attended with 20 or 30 members enjoying a great meal and comradery. 


I have seen many sails up and out but I am not sure who they belong to so I cant credit the consumers of sailboat fuel.  But I hope to see more usage of this amazing fuel source.  So once again if you have a great story about sailing or a not so great story but want to share your love of sailing with the rest of us please send it to me.  Contact information is: or text me at 706-833-8384


Until next time I am wishing your fair winds and following seas.

Cruisers  Contact changes from Brenda Renick to Rene Hopkins  706-373-9146