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Cruisers Corner

posted Dec 14, 2018, 7:12 AM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB   [ updated Jan 12, 2019, 7:45 AM ]

December  2018

 Hello ASC Sailors,


Welcome to the newly revitalize Cruisers Corner.  The Cruisers Corner was originally something that Brenda Renick-Coy did some time ago.  She passed it on to me after being named cruisers of the year for 2014.  Well I dropped the ball big time back then, for good reason, as many of you know.  However, I am determined to do a much better job of it this time around.  I will need some help from all of you.  Here is what I have in mind for this new and I hope improved (over my last attempt) version the Cruisers Corner


 I want to bring more awareness to what members are doing.  I’m interested in youyou are doing both on and off the water.  Now that doesn’t  mean I want to know your daily schedule.  But if you get together with other cruisers / club members and do something fun, or you take a trip that includes sailing in any form, I would love to include a paragraph or two about it in the next months issue.  Who knows maybe you will be an inspiration to someone.  Be creative with the term sailing: You “cruised” up the river on your paddle board, you went on a cruise liner and while on the private island you took out a sunfish or you visited a friend off the coast of Madagascar and sailed their 100 foot yacht - inquiring minds want to hear about it all.  So please feel free to email me with your adventures at


On the home front check the club calendar for Full Moon cruise dates.  Generally speaking and weather permitting it will be the closest Saturday to the full moon.  You can start to hail full moon cruisers on the radio chanel 16 or by cell phone about an hour before dark.  The largest boat will drop anchor and direct others in.  Be sure to have your fenders and tie lines ready.   There has been some interest in adding a New Moon cruise.  On a clear night with no moon the stars are spectacular.  So keep your ears open and check face book for an announcement.


Until the next issue Happy Cruising

Rene Hopkins