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Commodors News Letter

posted Nov 23, 2018, 9:24 AM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB

Upcoming Events and Opportunities at the ASC


Dock F Wood Sealing Treatment Needed:

 We need 4 people looking for 8 hours volunteer time that can respond on a Saturday with 1-week notice.   Work is 10 am to 4 pm, or sooner if finished. Tools and material supplied. First 4 get to help - as more than that isn’t necessary.  Email Mark Yarbrough at  The weather needs to be right for this-thus the timing issue.  The first 4 volunteers who sign up for this will get the opportunity.    Working with Mark is fun, and he comes fully prepared.  You will enjoy this if you get to participate. 


December 1st,

PHRF Fall Series number #4


December 2nd, 2 PM

Our ASC Junior Sailors will be in the Martinez Christmas Parade. See Face Book at Columbia County Parade for parade details.  The parade usually starts at 2 pm.  Please join us on December 2nd; 1:00 pm at Evans Town Center Park. We are asking everyone to dress up in ASC clothing or pirate costumes. Please email Jaime Putnam if participating.


 December 15th, 6 pm

1st annual “Light the Lake” illuminated boat parade.  Start planning now…decorate your boat and dazzle the crowd; or, come to watch and share in the post-parade fun.  


We will also take this opportunity to say goodbye to a beloved member and friend; and, honor the memory of Marie Moultrie.  Please join us as we honor her memory with a moment of silence, and a darkening of the dock lights.


 December 31st, Gathering of the Like-Minded at the ASC Clubhouse – details are open to interpretation as this event unfolds as usual.


January 1st 10 am – Bloody Mary Party at the Clubhouse followed by the Annual Hangover Regatta – includes the last race of the PHRF Fall Season. 


January 12th, OYSTER ROAST and LOW COUNTRY BOIL at the clubhouse.  This is one of our biggest events on our calendar.  This is a great fun and a wonderful opportunity for our members to invite their friends to see the fun we have at the ASC.  Registration will be up for this a few weeks ahead.  It is critical that you make reservations because we have to plan efficiently when purchasing the freshest oysters possible for this great event.    Don Brigdon is the chairman of that event.  To pitch in as a volunteer, please contact Don.


Fellow members,


It was more than 35 years ago when I last found myself knee deep in the inner-workings of our sailing club.  Imagine no emails, no cell phones, no texting and no internet communication.  Communication was difficult.  We have come a long way since then. 


The on-land infrastructure behind all this is fairly complicated.  Our water treatment system, propane gas, drainage, plumbing, septic tanks, kitchen, bathrooms, roofs, roads and boat parking are all in need of further study and improvement over time.   


Our on-water assets are also important to us.  We are a fully functioning marina for our members who keep boats on the property.  Every day the docks and moorings are aging and will require more attention.  Our power boats are decent, but they are old and sometimes hard to manage from an operational standpoint.


The amazing growth of our junior program will require much deserved support as we move forward.


Hopefully we can emerge with solid 1, 3 and 10-year plans for improvements, upgrades and replacements of important club assets.  We are blessed to have so many great people with an amazing skill set to assist us as we plan for a great future for our club.


It is a great honor and pleasure to be involved.  Our great team of members who make things happen is stepping up daily to keep things going in the right direction.  Thanks to all of you.


Happy Thanksgiving,  Jeff Annis