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ASC is an all-volunteer organization. No member receives compensation for his or her services, except professionals in the course of their trade or field. The success of almost every project or program undertaken by the Club is entirely dependent on member involvement and cooperation. 
"Service Hours" can be obtained by assisting with projects and events, such as regattas or social events.  Organized work parties are established each year and are on the calendar, all which are posted on the ASC website and periodically published in the Starboard Tack. 
The member is responsible for signing the "work party" sheet in order to receive "Service Hours" from the Event Chairman or Regatta PRO. The Event Chairman and/or Regatta PRO is responsible for transmitting the hours to the Vice Commodore for tabulation.  The Vice Commodore will tabulate “Service Hours" and forward to the ASC bookkeeper, prior to the first quarter’s billing of the following year.

Each Associate, Active, Temporary or Youth member is expected to volunteer 16 hours per calendar year to support and enhance ASC operations. If a member is unable to fulfill this obligation, a monetary fee will be assessed during the first quarter of the following year’s billing cycle, as determined by the Board of Governors.  Sustaining, Non-Resident & Honorary members are not assessed a fee but are nevertheless encouraged to volunteer in support of the Club activities. A more detailed explanation of the "Service Hour" policy can be found in Section 1 of the House and Ground Rules, Membership Categories and Responsibilities.

Opportunities for volunteering

Reporting Volunteer hours