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Membership Information

Applicant Requirements:
Membership in the Augusta Sailing Club is reserved for those applicants with an active interest in sailing or supporting sailing. Membership applications shall provide information to document such interest.  New member applicants shall be sponsored by a primary and two secondary sponsors. The sponsors must be Active or Honorary Members and one sponsor must have been a member for at least five years.
Attendance at two ASC Events as the guest of a sponsor or as an ASC sponsored regatta participant is required prior to submitting an application. Events need not be in the same year.  The applicant and a sponsor shall attend a Board meeting to submit a completed application along with the initiation fee. 
All approved applicants will become Associate Members for the first two years and must meet the Associate Membership requirements in order to maintain their ASC Membership. The exceptions to this requirement are those who apply for Non-Resident Membership and Legacy Membership.
Application Process:
The Immediate Past Commodore serves as the Board contact for new membership applications.  The primary sponsor shall be responsible for ensuring that the prospective member has an active interest in sailing and will guide the applicant through the application process. The primary sponsor shall be responsible for inviting the applicant to club events. The primary sponsor shall also obtain the endorsement of two secondary sponsors and ensure that 1 of the 3 sponsors has been a member for a least 5 years. The primary sponsor shall submit a completed application for membership along with the applicant’s initiation fee to the Immediate Past Commodore for review after the application requirements have been met.
The Past Commodore shall review the application and schedule a Board Meeting for a sponsor and membership applicant to attend if the application is complete.  The applicant and a sponsor shall attend the scheduled Board Meeting and present the application to the Board. The applicant will be asked to leave the meeting after introducing themselves to the Board. The Board shall review the application. If the application requirements have been met and the Board believes the applicant has an active interest in sailing or supporting sailing then the Board may approve it for publishing in the Starboard Tack. 
A summary of the applicant’s information shall be published in the Starboard Tack for member review and comment. The Board shall vote on final approval at the next available Board meeting, no earlier than 10 days after the applicant information is published in the Tack. The Board shall consider any comments received from members prior to voting on final approval. 
The Past Commodore, upon approval of the application, shall contact the applicant and primary sponsor and will send a welcome letter to the applicant. The applicant shall have full use of the facilities upon Board approval for membership as long as the requirements of Associate Membership are met.

If you are interested in membership, please contact Augusta Sailing Club Membership Chairman: Past Commodore Daniel Fodera,  706-951-1120