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       Flag Officers:

Commodore:        Eli Putnam          

Vice Commodore:     Report  Service Hours for Current Year
   Marj Brosseau
                C  706-284-7952

Rear Commodore
   Mark Yarbrough                  Report  property concerns
             C 706-339-9497

         Treasurer: Mike Walsh             

Secretary:   Kaye Wingard
Past Commodore & Membership Chairman:    Jeff Annis


Governors  (Returning-1 year remaining)

Michael Gaines    Dock Authority  706030605488

Steve Perun

Kim Bagnoni        Junior Chair   

Scott Mitchel

Governors  (New 2 year term)

Dave  Mosee

Greg Poteet

Kevin Kichenstein

Jeff Pope

The Augusta Sailing Club Organizational Positions for the management of our activities and facilities. Please see the attached for a partial list of current position holders. A description of the responsibilities of each position can be found in the House and Ground Rules Appendix B.

Bookkeeper & Webmaster
        Dick Mayne -    706-863-9359
East Point Mayor
        Scott Leggio -   706-830-1540        To reserve camper space
PowerBoat Chairman
       Tom Cook                                                  

Club Boat Chairman 
        Jim Holder

Junior Program Chair
        Kim Bagnoni-     706-840-1338         

Harbor Master And dry storage contact
        Michael Gaines-     706-306-5488        

Caretaker:  Jack Gimble    706-305-7357


Yard Master 
       Michael Gaines     706-306-5488   
Dock Captains
     Current Dock Captains

A is Fred Petrozello, Mem 133

B is Jay Hopkins

C is David Poss

D is Gaines Johnson, Mem quite a bit on East Point and A dock repairs.

E is Dennis Brown

F is new member Jim Rickey, Mem 810

Mooring Field Captain
       Tim Tyler
Long Range Planning Committee
        Russell Cathey - Chair
        Brian Slater (2 year term)
        Greg Hatcher (3 year term)
Kitchen Coordinator
        Micky Poole                                     

Bar Coordinator
        Don Brigdon

Full Moon Cruiser Coordinators
       Harry Garcia-Flores

To reserve use of facilities, contact current Club Secretary
       Kay Wingard       803+284-9377

 Insurance@Augustasailingclub.orgInsurance Companies Note: 
Dock Authority;     Tim Tyler,  Jay Hopkins  Tim Sparks                                            To send certificates of boaowners insurance, use the email;
                                                                                                          Or Mail to:  ASC  PO Box 1938, Evans, GA. 30809