Ted Gimble

It is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you that we are mourning the loss of our Ted Gimble  I notified Jack Gimble, Ted’s son in Wisconsin and Jack is notifying his other kin folk about this.  

  I greatly appreciate the wonderful friend that Ted was to all of us.  I also want to express the appreciation I have for the wonderful way our membership steps up when we lose a loved one.

 I can tell you that Ted loved our club and all of the members.  Ted was living his dreams and enjoying every hour of every day.  Ted brought us all a smile and a good story and he made us all feel welcome.  Ted will be sorely missed.

 Further details will be coming.      But currently we are looking at June 22 for a memorial service at the Club

 God Speed Ted,                       


See Bennie Mountie's write up for Teds membership application