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Wednesday Night Fun Races

posted Jun 5, 2016, 1:18 PM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB   [ updated Jul 28, 2016, 10:30 AM ]
The Wednesday night Fun Races Report!   this was our Last outing   
 We Had a great WNFR season, lots of fun.  Some members may still go to the club on wed evening, but no more meals..

June 8:   Would have been 6 boats, but no Wind,  We ate well, Nice evening at the lake.
           June 15:  Small fleet, three races, but we ate well thanks Jin Ferrell.
           June 22:  9 boats,  7 races, Great weather, and great Pizza and coconut cream desert.
      June  29    8 boats,  clear weather, 9MPH breeze,  4 races,  Great burgers and cookies and watermelon
   July 6  No Wind, but we had a great meal with cherry Cobbler by Jim Ferrell  Not to miss.  
    July 13   Great wind SW 5MPH  9 Boats  Good chicken dinner and drinks.  Join us next Wed! 
 July 20    lite wind, but 14 boats on the water, 3 races.  Great meal, 20 for dinner,        thanks Jim Paschal
July  Great but gusty wind, four races and great Steak dinner after,  Thanks Jim Paschal,, Jim Mashburn, and James Ferrell

Wed. Night Fun Races Racing Rules


As a small boat skipper or tactician, I am too busy with steering or trimming to get into arcane details (of the rules). I offer the following as a lighthearted collection of very basic rules. While it mixes right of way rules with tactical rules of thumb, I find it quite a good place to start. Experience and study will fill in the blanks.

1. Don't hit other boats. Collisions are slow and arguments are slower.
2. Keep out of the way of boats in front of you.
3. Port tack boats usually have to stay out of the way of everyone else.
4. Windward boats must stay away from leeward boats.
5. The inside boat gets to go round the mark first.
6. Don't hit marks. Doing circles is slow.
7. Don't hit the committee boat. First, it is a mark (see Rule 6) and second, it really makes them mad.
8. Nothing good ever happens on a layline.
9. The port tack layline is a very ugly place.
10. Control your own destiny: stay out of the Protest Room. Protest Committees are uncontrollable: with a 100% solid case, you have a 50% chance of being DSQ.