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The Passage - Sailing Instructions

posted Apr 18, 2011, 4:34 PM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB   [ updated Apr 18, 2011, 5:40 PM ]
The Passage 2011 NOR and Sailing Instructions

Date:  April 30 2011

Skippers Meeting 0900 Saturday April 30, Club House

Time of Start: 1000, Saturday
Time of Finish: 1000, sunday

Cost;  $10 per boat

Concept-  This race simulates an overnight passage under sail only without the use of autopilots.  Boats choosing to participate must prepare their boats and crew for this passage.  On a passage, the use of double headsails, oversize poles, and other non-racing configurations is normal practice.  Safety and navigation, day and night, are skills that make the difference between success and frantic radio calls for help.  Weather is a fact of life and must be acomodated.  Unlike a true passage, this race allows withdrawal.

Location of start- An imaginary line drawn between Bouy 1 (Green) and Buoy 2 (Red) at the face of the Strom Thurmond Dam at Clarks Hill Lake.

Checking In- All boats racing must check in via VHF (68) or cell phone (TBA).  For safety, you must announce your withdrawal from the race and arrival back at the ASC via the same methods.  The Scorer will keep a list of racers.  Optionally, checking in at 1800,2400, and o600 with position reports are encouraged.  More frequent position reports via VHF are also encouraged as a way of keeping track of relative standing.

Starting Signal-  The starter or his designate will count down the last minute before the start over VHF Channel 68 (the race safety net) at 1 minute, 30 seconds, and the final ten seconds. An optional horn will then sound.

Conduct of the race-  The normal rules of racing regarding buoy roundings and the meetings of boats will apply.  All Coast Guard and State and Federal regulations will apply.  Rules regarding the configuration of boats, pole lengths, size and number of sails, and other particulars DO NOT Apply.

The course-  After crossing the start line, all racing will be confined to the area of Lake Thurmond (Clarks Hill) between the government marks.  Boats may only sail outside the area betweeen the government marks in order to round Buoy 44, Little River Buoy 26, and Buoy 1 at the Dam.

The northern limit of the course is Buoy 44 on the South Carolina side of the Lake near the "Zig-Zag"
The western limit of the course is Buoy 26, the last buoy on Little River before the bridge on the Lincoln county side of the River.
The southern limit of the course is Buoy 1 which formed the Georgia end of the starting line.

The course is sailed- Start,44, LR26,1,44,LR26,1...repeating.

The finish will be counted down by the starter or his designate on VHF Channel 68 at noon, Sunday.

Scoring-  This is a pure race for distance.  The boat that makes the most circuits, including partial circuits of the course wins.  At the finish each boat will record the last buoy passed and report it to the Scorer via VHF, phone or email.

Withdrawal-  There are two types of withdrawal from this race.  Temporary, and abandonment.  Any racer may withdraw temporarily for rest or replenishment.  Announce to the scorer your intention and leave the course.  You must resume the race at the exact point and speed you had at your withdrawal.  Abandonment may take place at any time.  Announce to the scorer your intentions and your standing.  It is possible to win this race even after abandonment if the fleet is becalmed.

Minimum Crew-  Single handing is not allowed.  There is no upper limit on crew.  Crew exchange for medical or other necessity is allowed.  Crew exchange for the purpose of placing a fresh crew onboard is NOT allowed.

Night Safety- From the time of Civil Sunset to Civil Sunrise all crew on deck must wear an approved Life Jacket with an attached whistle and have a light.  All participants are REQUIRED to inspect the crew of other racers they pass at night.  The importance of this rule cannot be overstated.  Some vessels will be sailed at night by inexperienced crew with the other crew asleep below.  A slip and fall overboard should not be a fatal event!
Required lights should be shown by all vessels as law and common sense dictate.  Failure of a light during the race is not cause for disqualification.

Use of the engine-  Boats may run their engines to charge batteries, heat water, or any other purpose, but may not engage the transmission.

Use of autopilots- Forbidden while racing.

Use of ovens- Encouraged!

Sportmanship-  This is a Corinthian race.  Racers are honor-bound to follow the rules and withdraw as necessary.  Therefore, there will be no protest hearings or procedure.  Rest assured that the other racers will shun anyone who willingly cheats to win.

Please RSVP to Ian Buckley