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Racing for Dummies

posted Oct 12, 2015, 11:38 AM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB   [ updated Jan 5, 2016, 12:37 PM ]

What is the purpose of racing??     

The second class for beginner racers presented by Jim Holder will start with the next big boat racing series Feb 20,2016 .
The purpose of this class is to get new sailors interested in racing out on the water
The goal is to make you comfortable out on the course with enough knowledge to
keep you out of trouble and get the most performance possible out of your boat.
There will be a two hour class room sessions each morning of the first 3 days of the
series. We will go over all the important steps to starting and sailing the course.
We will also study the main rules of racing so that you understand how to compete
and stay out of trouble. We will learn why and how the Race Committee conducts a race.
This class will consist of the first  3 Saturday sessions of the series and will start at
9:00 am and end with a wrap up over a beer after the racing ends each day.
You will receive a text book by Adam Court and Richard Stearns which covers
everything about getting started in sail boat racing :: rules, strategies of racing,
sail trim, boat handling and techniques to increase speed.
Cost is $50 which  covers the entry fee for the series and also your text book
To register you must email Jim Holder
Checks are made out to Augusta Sailing Club due at the first class.

Racing for Dummies

( A brief outline of what we will cover)

What is the scariest thing about racing?

Having to avoid other boats

Sailing close to other boats

Sailing your boat fast : Balance; Sail trim; Rudder control

Balance: Why this is important and how does it affects speed

Sail trim: Air flow; Angle of attack; Telltales

Basic Rules you need to know:



Luffing rights at the start;

Inside room at the mark

Making a plan

Wind direction; Velocity; Puffs


Know your comp and plan according

Having fun

When to call it quits

Text Box: Jim HolderSchedule: Oct. 17; 24; 31 Nov. 7; 14; 21 ( red indicates Fall Series)

Oct. 17 Class room: Starting / Speed / Basic Rules

On the water: How it all works for real

Oct. 24

Crew on a racing boat and observe and learn

Oct. 31 Class room: Strategies: Wind direction; velocity; Puffs

On the water: Understanding & making it work

Nov. 7

Racing with an experienced racer on board your boat

Nov. 14 final class room: Q and A ; What makes sense.

On the water: Practice, Practice, Practice and more Practice

Nov. 21

Final exam: For real, on the line, full speed, right direction, gone!!!

From here on out it is up to you to practice, practice and keep learning and honing your skills. No one learns everything, even in a life time. You never stop learning and this is one of the great things about sailing. Every time you go out it will be different and you will always be learning and making adjustments. Hope you enjoy the class and move on into the next chapter of your racing career. Fun, this is what it is all about.