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PHRF Ratings

PHRF RATING UPDATE October 2013   Cert  5-2017
  • Rule 5.1 of the ASC PHRF Rules states that certificates are valid from July 1 thru June 30. The Fleet Captain for PHRF Handicaps, Tom Renard has declared all certificates have been renewed for July 1, 2013 thru June 30, 2014. (5/2017)
  • It should be noted that a number of boats have changed owners, changed names or sail numbers or made other modifications that make it increasingly difficult for the race committee to know which certificate applies to which boat. The Fleet Captain for PHRF Handicaps requests all certificate holders verify the information on their certificate and have a new certificate issued if incorrect information is found. 
  • It should be known that if the race committee cannot distinguish a boat, either because the sail number or boat name doesn't agree with the certificate info the boat can and should be disqualified. 
Please see below the Rating Form and the most current PHRF Certificate Ratings.
Back in 2009 we began the new rating system. Prior to that the class rules were not official and the algebraic formula for deriving the offsets was not approved. The first batch of boats was rated using the older empirical method as noted on the years-old ratings lists.  Since then, we have refined the method, done the math and re-calculated the entire fleet.
The important fact is not the raw number- they all went up - but the spread in the fleet. From my perspective, it looks like any well-sailed boat can win. As always, you may question the rating of your boat, or any other. I will help you work the math. The Fleet Captain for PHRF will look at ratings versus results and if necessary adjust any glaring problems. Fair winds and Smooth Bottoms!

Johnnie Poole, Fleet Captain for PHRF Handicaps, ASC

The 2017 Fleet Captain for PHRF Handicaps is Tom Renard ably assisted by Johnie Poole
Oct 3, 2017, 10:29 AM
Jan 28, 2011, 5:43 AM
Jan 28, 2011, 6:35 AM