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posted Apr 11, 2012, 7:09 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 4, 2012, 6:56 AM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB ]

We had a great MC scow training session at the club today. Winds were light but just right for beginners.


Many thanks to all of you (Jeff Annis, Dick Mayne, Stan Stanton, Tom Renard, Cliff Russell,(Brian Slater - was not needed today)) who have loaned us your boats. Many thanks to all the volunteers, Archie Carter, Jim Cobb and Barry Kruse. Many thanks to Jeff Annis who is not only a nationally ranked sailor but also one heck of an instructor. Lastly thanks to all the participants, Jeremy Coghlan, Bob Damen, Scott Leggio, John Helman, Julia Vagovic and myself who made this class a resounding success. Our club success is based on members volunteering their time, on participation in events and sharing knowledge. We have a great club. Thanks all of you for your support.

Peter Vagovic


Sunday April 29th Noon – 6 PM

The format will be:

1.5 hours chalk talk on land, 2.5 hours on the water doing practice maneuvers, and 1 hour of post drill discussion.

Cost is $50 per person (refreshments and food – any money left over will go towards the MC training program)

Looking for volunteers:

We will need 3 small tetrahedrons and 4 anchors/lines to anchor to use for the practice races.

We plan to do about 5 or 10 practice starts + another 5-8 practice races in the training.

We will need at least one more chase boat to set marks/pins/help right tipped scows…

Would be great to have the Committee boat as well – just depends on how many volunteers we can get.

Looking for MC Scows that we can use in the class

If you have an MC and would be willing to let one of our club members use during the class (we will set up and put back after class).

If interested in participating in the class, volunteering or have an MC that we can borrow call Peter Vagovic 706 533-3614

The coach will be our very own Jeff Annis (the big guy on the left)