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E-Scow Meeting Minutes

posted Jan 20, 2014, 1:41 PM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB

A summary of items from the E-Scow meeting graciously hosted at Ed Durant's home on 01/16/2014:

1. We voted to all use the GA as our area sail/deck designation. With 9 boats in the ASC fleet, we will have a great presence at our local regatta's.

2. To establish our own Facebook page to better communicate the E story and get more folks involved sailing and enjoyed what we're doing in the clubs biggest and fastest growing fleet.

3. We set the up coming sailing/ racing calendar; both local club dates as well as the out of town regatta's. (see list below)

4. Hagler Systems has agreed to sponsor a two day training session by bringing Kevin Jewett in to conduct an on the water and classroom "Go Fast or Be Last" workshop.  We'll tag on to one of the Spring Dinghy Sat's and also invite any other E boater from Columbia and Charleston to stay and sail Sun as well.

5. John Helman has thrown down a...(friendly wager)... per race challenge to anyone willing and it doesn't have to be just for E's. He said anyone could try him in a Sunfish as well.

One of our main topics as a fleet was to encourage each other and our general membership to come join us, either crewing, skippering, of watching while working on race committee.

With 3 extra boats (for sale) we have plenty of opportunities for folks to skipper their own or jump on for a fun ride. This goes double for all the junior sailors anxious to experience the next level.


So, here's the events we are doing for 2014:

Starting with the Mid-Winter Cup, we'll join in with 8 boats, one being Jim Holders newest addition.  I'll say again; anyone wanting to come play, just say, we have 3 extra boats avail.

Then we'll take 4 boats to Charleston for the new Easter regatta Mar. 28-30

April 26th is the 1st of the Dinghy Series (look for notice on "Sail Fast" seminar)

May 3rd our next Dinghy Series is also a scow day (another possible seminar date)

May 24-25 Castleberry Robertson Regatta Definitely an Scow event

June 14-15 JIYC - James Island Open regatta, we're hoping to show up with 5

July 26-27 CYC - Carolina Yacht Club open, planning to take 6-7

Aug. 2-3 ROCKVILLE! We'll take em all...or as many as possible.

May 30-31 ASC - Labor Day regatta. Everyone welcome !!

Sept 25-28 ASC - MC Nationals! Don't even think about it, just be here...

Oct 10-12 ASC - Halloween Regatta... do I need to say any more?

Nov 8-9 CSC- Columbia Sailing Club open, we promise to bring more than past!

Well, you would think our young inspiring E fleet has been around for a while the way we’re moving n shakin, but actually we've just warming up , so jump on and join the fun... E -Scows are really a blast.

Ed  GA-8