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Charleston Race Week 2012

posted Jan 26, 2012, 4:30 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 26, 2012, 5:31 PM by John Lovin ]
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If not interested in sailing this event consider volunteering  as you can see below, they need our help again. Let’s promote this event to our members and rally another group from ASC. The teams organizing and working this event are the movers and shakers within SAYRA and often there are some of the finest sailor/racers volunteering on RC. I think we should be promoting this event as a way to groom our own folks and to bring new prospective to our RC. Naturally, working this kind of event is quite different from what we do but can only help shed new light on our game. Like finding the right people to learn our various board duties and to get them involved; our RC staff should be looked at in a similar way. Nothing beats on the water experience, especially in Charleston harbor or out in the ocean.
(Taken from an email from Ed Durant) Please contact Ed Durant or Dan West 

Greetings and wishing all a prosperous 2012!

Charleston Race Week 2012 will need your help again this year.  The date is April 19-22.  As in previous years we will have the Race Committee meeting, Thursday, April 19th at 12:00pm and we ask that everyone attend!!! With 5 courses, more new volunteers, more racing boats and no practice race for us this meeting will be extremely important.  Please do everything possible to attend.  The meeting will be in the same area, behind the Marina Resort Hotel under the tent on the beach.

Our PRO's this year are Tommy Harken, Hal Smith, Hank Stuart, David Searle and Wayne Bretsch.

I need for each of you to PLEASE respond to this email and answer the following questions as soon as possible so we can start the placements, housing, etc......

1.  Please provide or correct contact info and cell phone number.

2.  Do you require housing for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights?

3.  Would you work offshore?

4.  Is your spouse accompanying you and will they work on the water offshore or inshore.

5.  Will you be riding with another volunteer?  If yes please let me know their name.

6.  Are you bringing your boat and if so please give me type and length.

7.  Would you be willing to bring your Race Committee "toys" like VHF, GPS, wind indicator and compass.

8.  To help me with placement please give me a brief background of your RC work.

Thank you so much for all the help in the past and the help you will hopefully give us this year.  Thank you to all our new volunteers for coming to join us this year.  I look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends.

 Jane Beasley


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