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BoatUS Membership

Augusta Sailing Club has Signed On for Another Big Year [2013] with Boat U.S.!  The BoatU.S. Cooperating Group Program has proven so popular with members that club officers are renewing our "partnership" for another year. Because of this special arrangement, you get 50% off when you join the nation's largest Association of recreational boat owners.

You pay one half of the regular BoatU.S. Dues of $30.00 only $15.00 a year! If you're already a BoatU.S. Member, you can now renew your Membership at the low $15.00 rate

Boat U.S. Membership benefits include:
  • An effective lobby that fights unfair taxes, fees and government regulations that single out boat owners.
  • A 700 page Discount Equipment Catalog, plus special discounts and Member Rewards with purchases.
  • Discounts on fuel, overnight slips, or repairs at more than 600 marinas.
  • Low cost, high protection boat insurance, including special programs for trailerable boats and PWC's.
  • On the Water Towing, with your choice of service levels from $50 per incident (free with Membership) up to Unlimited Service provided by the nation's largest towing network, TowBoatU.S.!
  • BOATI U.S. Magazine a full year's subscription is included with Membership!  Well worth price alone

Our group member  GROUP NUMBER:   GA82727S,
Boat U.S. homepage:   Membership  application:   Http://