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ASC - SCOW Fleet Announcement

posted Feb 8, 2012, 3:45 PM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB   [ updated Feb 15, 2012, 11:02 AM by Unknown user ]

The ASC Scow fleets are planning for the up-coming sailing season in a number of ways. First and foremost the MC's, C's and E's are all on the same page of encouragement of each class to grow Scow sailing within the club and around our district. Here are some of our plans going forward:

·         Establish practice days at the club with emphasis on more experienced sailors riding/ steering or crewing for those wanting some level of help / coaching.

·         Encourage boats/ teams to arrange for sparing (one on one) practice sessions. Crews could mix up to exchange techniques / ideas.

·         Develop a potential crew list with emphasis toward developing our junior sailors of any / all levels.

·         Designate a number of regattas inland and coastal to attend in mass.

·         In the southeast, the C-Scow does not see much activity outside our club, so the potential of travelling is at a minimum. This affords our C boats to concentrate here at the club and become the main platform to introduce new folks to scow sailing, having the capacity to sail comfortably with 3- 4 people and not be strained. The MC's are strong and will join the E's at the various events, if not traveling on their own. Our E-Scow fleet (6) is the largest in the SE and is comprised of a wide skill level; resulting in lots of potential for folks to crew, train, or just take fun rides.

We are very excited to begin this new season with a plan to grow our fleets and increase participation at the club. Our calendar is based in and around activities at the club, district of SAYRA as well as others in the SE. The traveling E’s are planning to attend the highlighted regattas. 

·         Feb 19:                   practice session - noon start             

·         Mar 4:                    practice session - noon start      

·         Mar 15-17:            Mid-Winters / MC's Eustis, Fl.

·         Mar 18:                  practice session

·         April 6-7:               Easter Regatta / MC & E  Charleston

·         May 5-6:                Keowee Cup / MC

·         May 12:                 Spring Series Begins

·         May 26-27:           Castleberry Robertson Regatta / MC, C & E

·         June 16-17:           James Island Open / MC & E

·         June 23-24:           Country Regatta / MC

·         July TBD:                practice

·         July 28-29:            Carolina Open / MC & E  Charleston

·         Aug 4-5:                 Rockville Open / E (but MC's & C's should muster if not  crewing; just

  can't miss this one)

·         Aug 22-25:            MC Nationals   White Lake

·         Sept TBD:               practice

·         Oct 13-14:             Halloween Regatta ( you should know by now )

·         Nov 3-4:                 Midlands / MC & E   CSC

Naturally, we have folks planning to travel to other various events, but these listed are where our guys will concentrate and hopefully see the largest turnout in each fleet. See you on the water... and remember.. don't hesitate to call; I'm always interested to go.    Ed Durant