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nFlag Officers:

CommodoreJim Claffey

Vice Commodore:  Dan Fodera

Rear Commodore: Tim Buss

Treasurer: Mike Walsh 
m.j.walsh24@Comcast.net       C  706-825-0941.

Secretary: Siobhan Maley

Past Commodore & Membership ChairmanTony Coy
706 224 5561


John Deyman

Josh White

Chuck Fremaux
Eli Putnam
Michael Carstensen
Harry Garcia
David Poss
Mark Yarbough

The Augusta Sailing Club Organizational Positions for the management of our activities and facilities. Please see the attached for a partial list of current position holders. A description of the responsibilities of each position can be found in the House and Ground Rules Appendix B.

Bookkeeper   &   Webmaster
    Dick Mayne -   
     rfmayne36@outlook.com    706-863-9359
East Point Mayor
        Scott Leggio - slegg9878@bellsouth.net   706-830-1540        To reserve camper space
PowerBoat Chairman
       Ted Gimble
Club Boat Chairman
        Jim Holder
Junior Program Co-Chairs
       Jim Claffey
      Dam Fodera 
Harbor Master
       Mark Yarbough     Myarb@knology.net    C 706-339-9497  C   706-799-8044          Insurance Companies Note: 
Dock Authority;     Tim Tyler,  Dennis Brown,  Jim Pascha                                         To send certificates of boaowners insurance, use the email;
Yard Master 
        Mike Walsh         m.j.walsh24@comcast.net    706-860 6333
Dock Captains
    A. Chuck Fremaux
    B. Jay Hopkins
    C. Sam Cooper
    D. Lou Frye
    E. Dennis Brown
    F. Drew Brown
Mooring Field Captain
       Tim Tyler
Long Range Planning Committee
        Russell Cathey - Chair
        Brian Slater (2 year term)
        Greg Hatcher (3 year term)
Kitchen Coordinator
        Micky Poole 
Bar Coordinator
        Mike Walsh
Full Moon Cruiser Coordinators
       Harry Garcia-Flores