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Club History

Augusta Sailing Club

House and Ground Rules

Appendix A

(Revised 20180109)

During 1952, a small group of Augustans became interested in sailing on the newly constructed Clarks Hill Reservoir. The Augusta Sailing Club was formerly incorporated as a non-profit organization on July 24, 1953, with its stated purpose as follows:

"The object of the corporation is to establish, maintain, and conduct a club for the purpose of promoting sailing and boating; to provide a clubhouse, docks and other facilities for sailing, boating, swimming, mooring, keeping, maintaining and repairing boats of all kinds and character for the convenience of its members and their guests; to hold and conduct regattas and races of boats of all kinds and classes and to provide a place for the social entertainment and sport of its members and their guests and to do generally any and all acts and things necessary, convenient, expedient and ancillary to or in aid of the accomplishment of the foregoing."

While seeking a permanent site for locating the Club, the early members gathered at the Modoc Public launching area on the Carolina shore. On June 15, 1955, the Club signed a twenty-year lease with the government for the use of approximately ten acres of unimproved, wooded land which includes what is now known as the clubhouse point and the West Point. The rent was $250 per year.

Martha Harden recalled those early days. "First the dock was constructed and the members and families cleared the area. Boats were anchored out and captains and crews rode out in dinghies, carrying sails and other necessities. There were two boat trailers in the crowd. It was like moving day when a family arrived with sails, chairs, food, water and barbecue grills every Saturday and Sunday. The 'clubhouse' was a picnic table on the boat point. Occasionally some of the younger boys spent the night sleeping out on the boats.

"There was great rejoicing in 1956 when the real clubhouse was built and the fine well was dug and was functioning. This was financed by selling bonds to members."

Even in the early days, the focal point of the Club was on the racing program. The Minis trophy was established in 1956 by a group of Savannah sportsmen and the Minis Sporting Goods Store as a competition between the Savannah Yacht Club and the Augusta Sailing Club. In 1957, Clem Castleberry established an intra-club competition and later gave a handsome silver punch bowl to the Club as a permanent trophy and annual keeper trophies for the individual winners. This series of races later became known as the Castleberry- Robertson Regatta because of the close association of Clem and devoted Club member, Jim Robertson.


In October of 1959 the Club leased the East Point area. The rent for the Club site increased to

$355 per year increasing the land mass of the ASC to approximately 15 acres. In 1960, the Club filed a plan of development with the Corps of Engineers designating certain tracts of Club property for the construction of privately owned cottages and other tracts as semi¬permanent "tenting" areas. Although cottage sites were available to any member, only seven cottages were built. The original cottage permit provided that the cottages were exclusively for recreational use and could not be rented without Board approval and could not be sold outside the Club membership. This has subsequently been modified with the implementation of the Uniform cottage site leases. 3 On March 13, 1962, the water between the clubhouse point land the East Point was named Harden's Cove in recognition of the contribution of William D. Harden. To date, this has been the only area of the Club formally designated, though through usage the dinghy area is known as the West Point and the camper area known as the East Point. In 1968, the clubhouse was expanded (actually rebuilt) around the original fireplace and included a large kitchen, showers, and all of the comforts of home. Since the Club's inception. Club members have been active in competition at home and around the country and beyond. In 1975, Boykin Wright won the Y-Flyer Nationals with David Annis as crew. Bob Teabeaut carried the sailing Club burgee as far as the Royal Thames Yacht Club in England. Over the years, members of the Augusta Sailing Club have excelled in other fleets as well, including the Jolly, Lightning, Flying Tern, Cougar Catamaran, Catalina 22, Capri-25, and Coronado-15. In 1975, the Club negotiated a new twenty-year lease with the government. The annual rent increased from $355 per year to $3,900. That same year, the Mid-Winter Cup was founded in an effort to encourage competition between the cruising sailors at the new Tradewinds Marina and those at the Augusta Sailing Club. The regatta is now open to all cruising sailors on the lake.

The Club has always supported a training program for young sailors and several of the Club's current members were originally members of these junior programs. During the early 1980's, the program received a boost as the Club began assembling a fleet of Sunfish for use in the Junior Program as well as by the general membership.

In 1985, the Augusta Sailing Club successfully negotiated the purchase of the present Club site and consummated the transaction in December for a purchase price of $56,000. In 1990, the Augusta Sailing Club was remodeled and the kitchen was enlarged and modernized. The clubhouse restrooms and shower facilities were updated facilitating handicap access. The exterior framing was stained and painted. A new septic system installed and the electrical system was brought up to current building code Standards

In 1993, in the wake of a major revision to the Corps of Engineers' Lakeshore Management Plan, the Club successfully negotiated permit authority to construct additional boat slips. Over the next several years these docks were built. The Dock Authority began a major replacement cycle in 2010 with a plan to replace a dock every two years.


The Club has over the years established several awards distinguished from the competitive awards. These awards are given at the annual meeting. The following are the major awards:

Gilbert Lacy Klemann Award for Service: The Service Award is presented by the Commodore to an ASC member or members who have unselfishly given themselves to the betterment of the Club or made a significant contribution to the Club or the sport of sailing. The award is not necessarily presented to a member each year and in some years, there may be more than one winner. The name of the recipient is displayed proudly on a permanent trophy in the Club's trophy case. The award is presented at the Club's annual meeting. Past recipients include:

1989    Bennie Moultrie          2002    “Red” Elinefield

1990    Walton Usher              2003    Jim Paschal

1991    Max D. Miller              2005    Jim Holder

1992    Graeme Addie           2006    Richard Mayne

1995    Dick Mayne               2007    Jeff Annis

1996    Charles Burkelman    2009    William (Bill) Collins

1997    Ed Joy                      2010    Dale Demyan

1998    Gilbert Samuelson     2011    Robert E. Harkrider

1999    Don Putnam & Family            2013    Daniel West

2000    Ed Durant                 2017    Tim Buss


Hardin Award for Sportsmanship: The Sportsmanship Award is presented by the Commodore to an ASC member or members who have through their actions demonstrated the values of sportsmanship and the Corinthian spirit in an exemplary way. The award is not necessarily presented to a member each year and in some years, there may be more than one winner. The name of the recipient would be displayed proudly on a permanent trophy in the Club's trophy case, but this trophy has been lost (if you know where this trophy is please let someone on the Board know). The award is presented at the Club's annual meeting. Past recipients include:

1989 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002    2003 Richard Mayne 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Dale Demyan 2013 2017


ASC Cruiser of the Year Award. (Sponsored by Ed Durant and Justin Annis) The Cruiser of the Year Award recognizes the ASC member or member couple who embraces or, by example, personifies non-competitive sailing (cruising). The member or member couple will have participated in local or blue-water cruising, entertained in a cruising environment, embarked on a cruising lifestyle, provided coaching during cruising, derived joy from cruising and/or imparted enthusiasm for cruising. Special consideration is given for organizing, enrolling and/or participation in the club events that promote cruising. Additional consideration is given to participation in the cruiser racing fleet, acknowledging the value of racing as a means to improve sailing skills and decision making under sail. The award is presented at the Club's annual meeting. Award is based on membership vote administrated by the Commodore and is not necessarily awarded every year. The award is presented at the Annual Dinner and the winner’s name(s) are memorialized on a plaque on permanent display in the clubhouse. Past recipients include:

2010    Tony & Brenda Coy                2014    Bob & Becky Hopkins

2011    Greg & Rhonda Hatcher         2015    Bob & Margaret Centers

2012    Bob & Becky Hopkins            2016    Harry Garcia

2013    Tony & Brenda Coy               2017    Bob & Sharon Harkrider


The “Pottie” Award: The Pottie Award is presented by the Commodore to an ASC member or members who have intentionally or by accident produced a result that in retrospect might not be considered well-reasoned. Special consideration to social indiscretions are also made along with plane bad luck. The award is not necessarily presented to a member each year and in some years, there may be more than one winner. The name of the recipient is displayed proudly on a permanent trophy in the Club's trophy case. The award is presented at the Club's annual meeting. Past recipients include:

1986    Steve & Doothy Hennick                                1996      Phil Cox

1987    Carl Muska                                                     1997      Frank Brewster

1988    Jeff Annis                                                        1999      Jim Pascal

1989    Jeff Annis                                                        2000      Ed Joy

1990    John Wulk                                                      2002      Craig Robnick

1991    W. Usher, E. Durant & R. Mayne                      2003      Bob Harkrider

1992    Dickie Thompson                                           2005      Mike Konesky

1993    Bob & Dorothy Williams                                 2007      Bennie Moultrie

1995    Jeff Annis, Bob Harkrider                               2017    Bob Harkrider

Past Commodores 1953-Present

1953    William S. Burdell                              1986    Gil Samuelson

1954    William S. Burdell                              1987    Jim Farmer

1955    William D. Harden                             1988    Roy Hill

1956    H. Winston Bedingfield                      1989    Charles Burkelman

1957    Gwinn H. Nixon                                 1990    Ed Joy

1958    James L. Robertson                            1991    Dennis Primrose

1959    James L. Robertson                            1992    Steve Swickard

1960    Walter G. Rice                                    1993    Patti Henderson

1961    Andrew Speed-Walter G.                    1994    Bob Kaltenback

            Rice                                                 1995    Andrew Johnson

1962    J. Walker Harper                                1996    Joseph Rubin

1963    Gilbert L. Klemann                             1997    Max Miller

1964    Preston Lea Wilds                              1998    Donald G. Putnam

1965    Lawrence V. Annis                              1999    Roger H. Davis

1966    Thomas J. Jarrell                                 2000    Johnnie G. Poole III

1967    John W. Kelker Jr.                               2001    Bob Williams

1968    John Tobin Jr.                                     2002    Ed Joy

1969    H. Ray Worthey Jr.                             2003    Chris Samuelson

1970    J. Walker Harper                                2004    Al Britton

1971    George R. Bernard                             2005    Emma Addie

1972    Boykin Wright III                                2006    Dave Koth

1973    M.L. (Skip) Jones Jr.                            2007    Russell Cathey

1974    Walter M. Sloan                                 2008    Greg Hatcher

1975    Jerry A. Walker                                   2009    Brian Slater

1976    Tom Hodges                                       2010    Richard Mayne

1977    Don Howard                                       2011    John N. Lovin

1978    Jud Barber                                          2012    Daniel West

1979    Bill Tumlin                                          2013    Rob Sherman

1980    Don Dearing                                       2014    Bob Damen

1981    Ted Kelker                                           2015    Ian Buckley

1982    Jeff Annis                                            2016    Tony Coy

1983    Robert E. Harkrider                             2017    Jim Claffey

1984    Graeme Addie                                     2018    Daniel Fodera

1985    Jim Claffey