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Commodores message

Good morning.

 We are facing unprecedented times in our country.  With closures everywhere, the sailing club is one of the few places where our members can escape and relax.  This is extremely important during these stressful and somewhat anxious times.  The club has a very powerful way of making you forget what is happening on the other side of the gate.  However, our members health and safety must be our number one priority.  Marj and I have been in discussion this morning regarding how to handle upcoming events given the current recommendations by the CDC.  Both Marj and I believe it is prudent to suspend events at the club until after "Masters" week.  At that time, we can reevaluate.   We would like your feedback on this. 

 Thank you,       Eli

Additional Message

I have spoken with Marj and Scott regarding the final Winter Series day.  We all believe it is best to cancel the last day.  We recognize that boats are separate and small groups are on the boats but, we must do what it takes to slow and stop the spread of the virus. 

Additionally, Marj and I have discussed our April events.  We do not have many events scheduled in April but we believe it is best to suspend April events and clubhouse reservations.  We will look at beginning the Spring Series at a later date and possibly use condensed schedule. 

The club will remain open to members.  In order to protect our members along with Jack and Nancy, we need to remind them to use good hygiene and to be sure they are cleaning any facilities that they use.

Thank you,       Eli    3/20/20

Hello ASC Members!


The weather is beautiful and I hope you are able to go outside and enjoy it.  Many of you have or are soon going to make your way to the club to make your yellow boat white again.  A suggestion was made by a member that I reach out to you and ask a request regarding the safety of our membership.  Thankfully, we currently do not know of any members who have been diagnosed with Covid-19.  However, we would like to be sure that if a member has been exposed to or has been diagnosed with the virus that we do our best to sanitize and sterilize the areas that he or she visited while at the club.  Having said this, each of us is entitled to privacy specifically regarding our health and medical records.  Therefore, if you are willing to share and have been exposed to or diagnosed with Covid-19 please email me so we can take appropriate sanitizing measures at our club.  

 Stay healthy and see you soon!

 Eli Putnam  Commodore     3-26-20