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posted Feb 9, 2011, 2:25 PM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB   [ updated Feb 9, 2011, 2:27 PM ]
Sat. 10:30am PHRF Meeting:
The meeting was really about planning an off shore championship event in Charleston; so I'm referring to it as the Offshore One Design Championship, since it will be sailed in Farr 40's. Tentative date is August 15th week-end. If several teams apply (teams must submit their resume by May 1st) then an elimination event in the harbor may be sailed a day or two prior to race day(s). The SAYRA web-site will be posting the NOR soon, so gather 8 of you top crew add yourself and an owner or rep. from the Farr's and go see how good you really are.
Registration in only $500.00 so what’s stopping ya?
If that sounds scary watch for the NOR for an in-shore event, to be sailed somewhere like Lake Norman. More info forthcoming on web-site.

Sat 1:00pm
Sail Trim by Greg Fisher ( new sailing coach for the College of Charleston) and multi- national champion / sailmaker. I took pages of notes and since I paid for this session, you'll have to cough it up for me to pass along all the speed notes. All I can say is, this was the best spent $5 bucks ever spent and well worth the drive.

The SAYRA Mtg. is a great way to see old friends during the off season and meet many folks who are involved in the various clubs in Area D. I always enjoy sitting in on many meetings and being in touch with many aspects of how SAYRA operates.

For those interested in learning more about Race Mgmt. on the club or national level, SAYRA can help. US Sailing also conducts week-end training sessions, so log on and find the next convenient location then grab a buddy and GO.
I did hear Savannah Yacht Club will be holding a RC clinic Feb 13th.
contact: Charles Usher to sign up.
“How to right a turtled Lightning: Safety boat attaches a large snap shackle w/ chain (for weight ) to 3/8" line to the back stay. Play out line allowing shackle to fall to top of mast. Then the safety boat backs away from mast head pulling the top of mast to the surface. The rest is easy...