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Information on Augusta Sailing Club’s Gate Upgrade

posted Aug 29, 2011, 8:14 AM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB   [ updated Sep 20, 2011, 12:49 PM ]
         We have had intermittent gate problems that the vendor was unable to resolve, as well as unauthorized entry due to key pad numbers and remote settings getting into the wrong hands.  This upgrade will go a long way to resolve these problems.


         On the entry side we have changed out the wireless keypad for a hard wired keypad to resolve the intermittent operation due to atmospheric and other interferences.   We have also attached a RFID card reader to the side of the key pad to read the membership proximity cards and open the gate.  Members will open the gate by passing their proximity card within 8-10 inches of the card reader.


We removed the inside (exiting car) key pad and replaced it with a sub-surface sensing loop that will open the gate when a car stops where the old keypad was located. 


We will be implementing the new gate program from now until sometime in the fourth quarter, depending how long it takes to get a good number of the cards distributed to the members.   Once implemented then the wireless remote system will be shut off and the new keypad code changed.  Access for the membership will be only through possession of a proximity card.


Each family membership will get one free card and a second card will be issued for a $12.00 fee.  Families with driving children that use the club can apply for a third card under the child’s name for $12.00.  Other needs will be considered on a case by case basis.


Members should contact Dick Crow our Resident Manager, and make arrangements to pick up their allotted proximity cards.  His phone is 706-305-7357.


People, of record that purchased gate remotes from the club through Dick Crow in the last two years, will be compensated for turning in the remote.  One returned valid remote will cover the $12.00 fee for the second proximity cards in a family membership.  There are a very few people that in the last two years purchased a second remote, and they will be given some compensation for turning in the second remote.  All proximity card fees and remote credit will be done through the members account so have your member number handy when you pick up cards or return remotes.  Members living a great distance from the club can request their card be mailed, or wait till they are coming to the club at some future date and get a card then.


Under the new system if cards are lost, become compromised, or are not returned by resigning members, that card can be turn off in the system.  The new keypad and corresponding key codes will be used for temporary entry by Sail Camp students, utility trucks, and vendors on a short term basis.  The Board believes the new system gives us better control of access to the grounds, and gives our members better security.


Sep 20, 2011, 12:47 PM