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News from the Dock Authority:

posted Dec 22, 2017, 5:57 PM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB   [ updated Dec 23, 2017, 6:51 AM ]

The Dock Authority wishes to thank everyone for their cooperation in 2017 with getting us your insurance renewal information. It is important  for everyone to understand this is an annual chore, and a requirement of your lease. We are building a database to house all of the member demographics, and the DA manages the boat insurance component. So, please be patient if we make errors in data entry or misplace your email.

Please remit your renewals to, or if you don’t have scan/email capability, to the club mailing address. NOTE: $100,000 liability is minimum requirement, with ASC being listed as additional insured.


F Dock- We are currently in the process of reviewing design options for the replacement of F dock in 2018. We are acutely aware of the bashing Harden’s Cove took during TS Irma, so options for wave attenuation are being considered in the process. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with interested members, so please contact board members or DA members for more info. (we are all listed under “governance” on the website)


Moorings- We are doing some reorganization of the mooring field, removing the moorings east of the courtesy dock, as they sometimes present obstacles to launch and retrieval of the large board boats. We have additional anchors on hand to add more moorings as needed.


Safety- We have an issue of shore power cords falling into the water, and being a trip hazard on the walkways. We are asking all boat owners who use shore power to dress your power cord under the finger and bungee it to your boat. Those not complaint with this request will have it done by the DA with charges to be determined.


Seaworthy- The slip lease requires owners keep their boats in good working order, seaworthy if you will, and that includes REGISTRATION. Dock Captains have noted in their inspections that a number of boats have expired registration. Please keep your vessel up to date and operational. We have a few boast approaching “derelict” status, which reflects poorly on the owner, and poorly on the Dock Authority for not enforcing our own rules requiring boats to be maintained in a seaworthy fashion. Please help me avoid what will be an uncomfortable conversation for both of us, if your boat is in poor shape.


Volunteer credit- I’ve noted that many members ended the year without their full volunteer credit hours, which will result in them getting billed. For those handy with tools and don’t mind doing some labor, the Dock Authority typically has some odds and ends you can do to pick up a few hours. Please contact me,, if you want to pick up some extra hours. Winter and Spring is a good time before it gets hot. 

Design ideas for new F Dock and breakwater