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Changes to Camper Waiting List and Board Policy on Camper Sales

posted Jun 1, 2018, 9:23 AM by AUGUSTA SAILINGCLUB   [ updated Jun 1, 2018, 9:23 AM ]

Earlier this year the Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) recommended that the club address the camper waiting list. The list has not been effective at its intended purpose – to provide an open and equitable process for all members. In May the Board of Governors accepted the recommendations and adopted policies that (1) there will now be a $200 application fee to be on the camper waiting list and (2) the Club will be active in exercising its option to buy a camper when it is to be sold. These actions in no way change the current camper leases or the process for selling a camper pursuant to the current leases.

The camper waiting list is now closed and will re-open on July 2nd, 2018. Active members wishing to be put on the new camper waiting list should mail a written request and a check for $200 to Augusta Sailing Club, PO Box 1938, Evans GA 30809. Your place on the list will be the order determined by postmark. In case of applications with the same post mark, the membership date will govern (as set out in the H&G rules). New applications will be accepted beginning on July 2nd. The list is closed and applications postmarked before that date cannot be accepted.


If you are currently on the camper waiting list, you must pay the $200 fee to maintain your position. If you are currently on the waiting list, but are not an Active member, you must return to active status and pay the $200 fee within 90 days of this notice.

As always, if a member wants to sell their camper, they should follow the procedures as outlined in the lease. When the Club exercises its right to purchase the camper, if the Club does not have another use for the spot, the Club will then sell it to the first member on the waiting list willing to purchase that camper at the Club’s purchase price.

Below is the text of the board Resolution passed 5/14/2018


1-Enact a $200 fee to be on the camper waiting list, giving those currently on the

list the option of maintaining their position by paying the fee with a required

response time of no more than two weeks. (This changes H&G rule 23.5.5 and will go into effect 30 days from notification to the membership).


2-Clear the current list of non-Active status members. Give the Sustaining members

the option of returning to Active status to remain on the camper waiting list in their

current position and pay the fee.


3-Enact a standing Board of Governors policy that on every occasion, the club will exercise the buy option as laid out in the Camper Lease.


4-Once the camper is in ASC possession, it will be offered by notice to everyone on

the camper waiting list or the BoG can opt to keep certain campers to continue to

be owned by the club.


Some questions and answers:


I am a new member. Can I get on the waiting list? The waiting list is open to members whose status is “Active.” The list will be open 30 days from this notice, on July 2nd, 2018.


I am on the camper waiting list now, do I keep my place? Yes, but you must pay the $200 application fee within 90 days of this notice.


I am on the waiting list now, but have transitioned to non-resident (Sustaining, Honorary) member status. Do I keep my place on the list?  Yes, but you must immediately return to Active member status and pay the $200 fee within 90 days of this notice.


If I am on the waiting list, and decline a camper that comes up, do I go to the bottom of the list? No. Your place on the list is determined by when you applied. Current rules do not make provisions for dropping people off the list.


I paid $3,000 for an old camper, and put a new $35,000 camper on the site. What will the club pay me if I want to sell my camper?  You should offer it to club at the fair market price for the camper. Details can be found in the Lease agreement, Section 9.