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Property Tax Appeal Update

posted Dec 25, 2012, 9:13 AM by Unknown user
In May 2012 we received a notice from the Columbia County Tax Assessor that our property tax bill would go up $9,000 annually.

Our previous years assessed value was $670,395 with a tax bill of just over $7,000. The proposed assessed value was $1,509,789 with a tax bill of $16,291.

We appealed the assessment and began discussions with the Tax Assessors office. Dan West and Mike Walsh meet with the Assessors on site to review the property and improvements subject to tax. Dan West met with the Assessors several times resulting in a reduction of the assessed value of $345,444 to $1,164,345.

ASC along with 7 other clubs in Columbia County went before the Columbia County Board of Tax Assessors Wednesday November 7, 2012 for the appeal hearing. ASC retained Berry Fleming as counsel to present to the Board. See letter below summarizing our presentation.

The Columbia County Board of Tax Assessors decided at their December 11, 2012 meeting to accept the reduced valuation of $1,164,345 and assess $12,564 in taxes. 

We plan to pursue further reduction by taking our appeal to the next step which is the Board of Equalization.

Unknown user,
Dec 25, 2012, 9:14 AM